• Division Wines
  • Portland Bottle Shop
  • St. Jack
  • Le Pigeon
  • New Seasons (Multiple Locations)
  • Market of Choice (Multiple Locations)
  • Zupan’s (Multiple Locations)
  • City Market
  • Pastaworks
  • Fred Meyer (Multiple Locations)
  • Ringside Fish House
  • Ringside Steakhouse
  • Whole Foods (Multiple Locations)
  • Veritable Quandry
  • E&R Wine shop
  • Bar Avignon
  • clarklewis
  • Higgin’s
  • Navarrre
  • Noble Rot
  • Vino on 28th
  • Park Kitchen
  • Paley’s Place
  • Vinopolis
  • Blackbird
  • Farm Cafe
  • Dundee Bistro
  • Storyteller Wines
  • Secret Society
  • . . . and many many more

2 responses to “Oregon

  1. Renel Ralston

    Hello. I’ll be in Newport Oregon in a few weeks. Me here can I find your wine? Also do you sell it anywhere near fresno California or Santa Cruz California?

    • Renel –

      So sorry I missed this comment on the Love & Squalor site. Hope you were able to sample a bottle or two while you were in Oregon. I am distributed in Northern CA but mostly in SF, Oakland and The Peninsula.

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