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Matt Berson, the winemaker/owner of Love & Squalor, began working in the Oregon wine industry in 2003, after his previous glorious career in the restaurant industry came to an end. He was taught the rudiments and joys of winemaking by Patty Green of Patricia Green Cellars. Additionally, he has scurried in the cellars of Jimi Brooks (Brooks), Jay Somers (J. Christopher), Larry McKenna (Escarpment, NZ), and Erni Loosen (Dr. Loosen). He has acted as the assistant winemaker for Ransom Wines and Spirits and Brooks Handcrafted Wines. He currently practices his craft in a shared winery in McMinnville. He lives in Portland, Oregon in an old house filled with curly girls.

For more information, please contact:

Portland Wine Company

P.O. Box 42204

Portland, OR  97242


matt@ loveandsqualorwine.com