Oregon’s Best Wines!

They blind-tasted over 400 wines. Four days of arduous sipping and spitting. They chose just 15 white wines and only four were Rieslings. Love & Squalor 2010 Willamette? No. 12!

We're getting some attention from award manufacturers.

I am extremely grateful to the tired palates at the Portland Monthly for their nod. I’ll buy you guys a beer.




Love and 

2010 RieslingWillamette Valley, $18

Matt Berson’s zesty riesling—made with organic grapes—is sweet, lush, and refreshing, offering flavors of peaches and mangoes for a balanced palate that’d be a perfect picnic sipper. Pack a backpack with a baguette, smoked salmon, Peppadew peppers, and a corkscrew, and you’re set for a wonderful meal.

Here’s the link.


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One response to “Oregon’s Best Wines!

  1. Congrats Marty! That’s fantastic. Had a glass of it at St. Jack two nights ago in fact!

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