I just got word that my 2009 Riesling received a 91-point rating from the quaffers down at Wine Enthusiast Magazine. I don’t put much weight on these sorts of things, but I always am happy when someone likes the wine, and am happier still when they say so in print.

I agree with these guys – I think the ’09 is my best yet, and, of course, it is almost completely sold out. Luckily for you the smart people at the brand new Ringside Fish House are pouring it by the glass until I run out. Also, there are a few bottles on the racks at two Whole Foods stores – Hollywood and Tanasbourne. I look forward to hearing how it scores with you. If you’d prefer to go the path of less resistance, the Love & Squalor 2010 Riesling is now available and plentiful, just contact me if you need some.



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2 responses to “Enthusiastic?

  1. Jen

    That’s great news! Congratulations and well-deserved of course. Selling out is a good sign.

  2. D Sparks

    Atta Boy, Matt. Keep it up. You deserve it!

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