Sunny Rays of Riesling

I’ve been hearing a lot of grumbling and whining of late, mostly the ‘it’s so cold I’m going to die’ and ‘will the sun ever shine again in my lifetime’ variety. I have a solution and it is liquid.

Not to get all Robert Louis Stevenson on your butt, but bottled sunshine is better than none at all. Our particular form of refreshing sun comes in a Riesling bottle and smacks of fresh fruit, zingy minerality and, of course, a bit of alcohol to warm your insides.

There are three new opportunities to get some a drop of summer into your mouth right away. Randy and Nancy at Bar Avignon are fronting up this Wednesday (1/26) with Dungeness Crab and Riesling all night. The crabs this season are delicious and the sting of the sea pairs dramatically with the zing of the Riesling. Love & Squalor is also back on the big blackboard at Kir (NE 7th & Burnside). We hope we can hold our own among Amalie’s lovingly curated list of European values and wonders. This week also trumpets our return to the Heathman Restaurant. Riesling is a great foil to Chef Philippe’s NW/French cuisine – the best Happy Hour menu in town. Now get out there and bag some Riesling Rays!

Ah, there's the pinch


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